A CONSULTATION is a great way to move forward in defining and implementing your vision of what you want for your home. There are many ways we can help you through this process, such as:

FINDING YOUR STYLE:Maybe you not even sure what look you want or like or why? Maybe you feel as if you like everything and cannot commit or make decisions to move forward in your design. We can help listen about the things you do like and help you define your look and make it work. If you live locally, We can also help direct you to craftsmen, sewing workrooms and upholstery and slipcover sources.,carpets ,furniture etc
USING WHAT YOU HAVE: Whether it is furniture , carpets , curtains , sofa , flooring , antiques , metal ware we can help you decide on the looks , out come , finish , feel & design's such as antique designs , classical designs , modern designs , contemporary designs , Victorian designs etc.
PRIORITIES: We love helping clients prioritize & by talking through what items to do when and in what order so we keep you on task and your project gets FINISHED!
POLISHING YOUR CURRENT LOOK:Speaking of getting finished, maybe you have worked a lot on your home and you love interior design but you just need an objective eye and few last suggestions to finish off a room or your entire home. we can help give you feedback so you can finish off your room(s) and make it really sing!