METAL SECTION Spending hours & days polishing your beautiful silver ,copper, brass or bronze items & getting annoyed with the thought of it tarnishing again & again, just in a matter of days or weeks? Do want this to stop & enjoy your items ever lasting beauty without the effort of polishing ? Stop tarnish , patina & oxidation , get it protected ! Your valuable silverware , copper artworks , your brass bed or bronze sculptures are part of your home or collections that have a long life span if they are well maintain & protected . Transform your tarnished items to new & get it protected for a enjoyable treasure that brings shine into your home without the worries of constant polishing .Don’t disregard your meatal valuables & memories just because its looks ugly or it is broken or damage & its a real nuisance to keep it clean , just call as & our metal specialist will bring your items to life , looking great & lasting shine. We specialize in electroplating , polishing , repairs & restorations of metal items. Our service includes chroming , silver plating , gold plating , nickel plating ,copper , bronze & brass polishing ,protection services , metal welding , soldering , cast iron fabrications , repairs & restorations.